Thursday, January 18, 2018

Planning in 2018

So I have always loved the "idea" of using a planner but every year I usually start off strong and then eventually quit. It seemed to just be easier to use my phone. But this year I got this planner and it has me staying on track and totally killing it! The difference with this planner? It's honestly probably my attitude with it AND that this planner is FUN! I think not looking at it like, "I need to fill out my calendar and life for the whole year!" Instead I keep my master calendar in phone and then I do my weekly calendar and what tasks I want to accomplish for the week in my planner. I think the best part of it, is setting that 5-10 minutes aside at the beginning of my week to write out a "plan" for the week. It keeps me on task the whole week because I constantly check to make sure I am accomplishing my goals. To top it all off this planner is only $32! Total deal! 

Links to this outfit:

Look how cute the monthly intros are! 

 Did I mention the stickers!!! Seriously sooo fun! You gotta keep things interesting and this totally does it for me!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Instagram roundup -major sales!

Okay Okay are you guys ready for a huge Instagram round UP??? I have had so many favorite looks on the gram lately so I thought I would do a round up here!

Love this cable knit cardigan and it's 40% off!
This is the perfect weekend top! and 30% off!
This pompom beanie comes in so many colors and is under $15!
These winter boots are sooo comfy and under $50!
These jeans are really similar and 40%off!

This embellished sweatshirt is one of my FAVS and is 40% off and under $30!
These Levi's jeans I got for Christmas and they are crazy comfy!

Ive had so many people ask about this Sherpa cardigan and it is currently 50% off and under $45!!!
The thermal top I am wearing is under $20! 
Loved wearing these winter boots in the snow! 

This very similar adidas sweatshirt is currently 33% off and under $50! I wear my two adidas sweatshirts pretty much every day!
Hands down favorite leggings! Totally worth the investment! 
This cup I use everyday and is under $20!
The perfect neutral tennis shoe!
I recently got this phone case and it's so cute!
This initial necklace I wear everyday and love it!
Cable knit cardigan - on sale!
These white jeans are buy one get one 50% off right now!
Hands down favorite boot of all time! Crazy comfy and flattering!

Found the perfect boyfriend camo tee for 50% off and only $12!
Told you I love this coffee mug!
I can't get enough of these kicks! They go with everything!
Joggers are my jam and these ones are soooo good!
This fleece jacket is currently out of stock but the fleece vest is in stock and 33% off, I sooo want it! 
Adidas sweatshirt 33% off and under $50!
These leggings are so flattering and comfy!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Years! Our family goals for the year....

Happy New Years my sweet luvs! I hope 2018 is filled with truly amazing moments for all of us!

God has been so good to us, I feel that way even more so this year because now our whole family is here! Our family is complete and I can't wait to see what adventures we have in store.

I sat down with the family and we set some goals for the year....

Evelette said she wants to get typewriter ink for her typewriter before summer (lol). She said she also wants to learn her times table. And she wants to stop arguing with Hugh. 

Hugh said he wants to do building projects with Richard (um heck yes!) And he also wants to learn to tie his shoes. 

Stella wants to learn her letters and stop chewing her nails. She also wants to learn to ice skate. 

Richard wants to get more involved with the mens ministry at our church and he also set a dollar amount that he wants to hit for earnings. He also says he wants to lose weight so he can try out for the next baywatch hahahahaha 

Leah I want to take a fun vacation with the family, maybe disneyland? I want to live in the present and not stress the little things but to never stop working hard. I want to do at least four blog posts a month and 1 youtube video. I want to start golf lessons with the kids and make our backyard a cozy oasis. I also want to have date nights with my husband once a month, even if it's just a coffee date at the park while the kids play. 

Holt wants to be stinkin adorable (boom done) lol actually mama is setting his goal of sleeping through the night!!!!