Saturday, June 16, 2012

My outfits

Yay! It's Saturday my Luvs!!!
So what do I love to do on Saturdays? Sip a Starbucks and oogle fashion and design on the web! So, I am doing my part to help you all out... You just need to go pick up the jo, and could you get me one too while your at it? ; )








Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love these outfits!!!!! I'm heading to Starbucks now =) Xo, Ashley

Stephanie said...

love!! Can I have these please? =)

courtney said...

so glamorous :):)

Sara B said...

You have the best style and outfits. Love these!

Dani said...

New follower found you thru instagram!!! :}

A Lived in Home said...

Love your leopard Revas!!

White Lacquer said...

Love these!! Spesh the top 2!! Where can I find that skirt and the black top?

Xx. Patience

GlamorousGirl said...

looks amazing!!!

Shauna said...

LOVE that first outfit! Where's the skirt from?