Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I heart Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is really an incredible designer. I love all of her spaces and think she's kinda amazing!
Check out some of my favorite spaces that she has created...






eclectic 4 jpg.jpg

Pretty great huh?!!!
Have a stellar day my Luvs.


L.Duncan said...

Emily is high up there for me too on my love list of interior decorators!

A Lived in Home said...

She has impeccable taste! If she ever wanted to stop by my home and tweak it, that would be cool with me!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Oh, me too! She is so talented. Love her LA apartment - the sofa is amazing! xx

Ann@Glamourshoes said...

I love her too! Such great design and a sense of whimsy. Her work always makes me smile.

Nuit said...

i love her too! her spaces are all flawless, I have her blog on my daily read, she is super-duper funny too! :)

Miss K said...

so when can i move in here?

Surya Outdoor Rugs said...

I think blue/turquoise is her favorite color. I can see a touch of aqua in all her designs.