Friday, August 10, 2018

Everything a carpool mama needs

It's getting to be that time of year when we will be shuttling our kids around non stop to school, sporting events, and other activities. So I thought I would come up with a list of things that would help prepare you for all that car time! Ps these would also work if you aren't a jutting around parent! These would be great for that work commute as well!

1. Portable humidifier I absolutely love having a portable humidifier in the car! We are headed towards dryer weather and it is so nice to get that extra moister in the air while on the go! PLUS you can add essential oils to this one and it makes the car smell AMAZING! Car freshners never seem to last long and this way is way better in my opinion, plus you get the health benefits of essential oils as well! 
2. Car garbage bag, and tissue holder The fight to keep the car clean is never ending but having a car garbage bag helps a TON! It also has a space for a wet wipe container on the side and kleenex which are things my kids are always asking for, so it's nice they can grab it themselves and then immediately throw away. 
3. Snacks You never know when the munchies will come along and it's such a good idea to have an option for everyone (including mama). For the kids I like to have these and these because they are healthy and have good protein!  For Holt, we keep these and these they have saved us, many a melt down! And so good for keeping him busy when we need him quite or distracted for a bit! For  Mama I love these bars or these only 1g of sugar! 
4. Travel blanket  oh this has saved our butts on many occasion, when we forgot to bring chairs or when it suddenly turned freezing! This one is amazing because it rolls up, and buckles for storage and it also has nylon backing so moisture can't seep through. A wet blanket is never fun!
5. First Aid kit We are constantly getting into this! The kids are always getting ouchies, and it's so nice being prepared with bandaids etc. 
6. 3 in 1 survival tool  This gives me great peace of mind! I have a huge fear of being trapped in a car in water and this tool breaks windows, lights fires and has a knife as well. 
7. Emergency kit This is another item that gives me peace of mind, it has jumper cables and poncho! They really have thought of everything!
8. Sunglasses organizer before I got these I was always struggling to find my sunglasses and these make grabbing a pair so handy and safe!
9. Movies ! I love keeping a couple movies on hand for our dvd player, we don't use it that often because I prefer encouraging communication with one another. But it's so nice in a pinch or on a long drive. Here's some of our favs! The greatest showman, The Incredibles, An american tail , and The secret life of pets  
10. Misc. Personal items, Hand sanitizer, Wet wipes, Lotion, Chapstick, Vaseline, and Sunscreen

Monday, August 6, 2018

$13 camo shirt dress

Full discloser, this is NOT the last post that I will be doing with camo! The obsession is real people! lol

I wanted to share this dress for several reasons. One of them being I didn't realize how hard it would be to find a camo shirt dress! The other ones I tried were either too tight or too short or cheap feeling or too expensive, are you catching a theme lol?! So when I found this dress, that checked all the boxes and was only $13 I flipped! I can't get over how perfect it is for the price! I bought a size medium because I was really paranoid about it being too tight. I really think a shirt dress is supposed to have a loose fit but I think I could have gotten away with a small as well. The other thing I really like is the actual camo pattern itself, it's faded, which to me makes it look that much more expensive. Haha looking back and can't believe Ive written so much about a $13 dress! But its amazing!

Mama's look:

Holt's look:

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Three looks from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale Part 2!

Look #1
Leopard coat This jacket is INCREDIBLY soft and I love that it can be worn open or wrapped up and buttoned, it keeps you nice and toasty! I am wearing a size small and I love the fit. I also like that its a little longer, it just makes it that much easier to wear with an over the knee boot. I think it looks better this way, plus you're more covered for cooler temps. 
Stuart Weitzman over the knee boot I gush about these boots all the time! And I am SO happy they are apart of the sale this year! I really think everyone needs a pair! 
Long sleeve top I am wearing the exact same top in all of these looks because it's just the perfect long sleeve top! On sale of course too!

Look #2
Asymmetrical Drape Jacket  this jacket is currently out of stock #crud but hopefully they will be restocking soon because it is amazing!!!! TTS too!
Light distressed jeans When I saw these jeans I flipped! I am all about light colored denim and the holes in the knees make them so cute! I also ordered these as well! And they are FULLY in stock! 
Booties these booties I got last year, and I wore them ALL the time! Something so cute about the open toe and cut out on the side!
Long sleeve top    same top! I am wearing an XS runs a little big. 

  Look #3
Cardigan I raved about this cardigan on my stories and I just had to share again how much I love it! I will be wearing it over and over again! The perfect texture and color and the softness is unreal. Runs a little large but I kinda like it a little big. 
Leopard loafers  not sure why I didn't order these right away but I am SO glad I did. Slip ons are my fav, and leopard is my latest guilty pleasure! lol! So good!
Cuff jeans  These jeans are like a fresh breath of air for my denim collection! I love that they are a straight leg, and the cuff at the bottom is the cutest touch! 
Long sleeve top again same top! It goes with everything!  

Friday, July 13, 2018

Three looks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Yay it's finally here! The sale above all other sales! I'm talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and today I am showing you three looks from it. I am giving you links, description and sizing for each as well.

Look #1
Moto Jacket with removable hood. I am wearing size small and it fits perfect! I love that the hood is made from sweatshirt material and that its REMOVABLE! The hood makes it look different from all the other moto jackets out there but it's still nice to have the option to remove it. The color is called "mushroom" and I love it! Its a different color but still very much a neutral. It is sooo crazy soft too! Definitely a must have for your fall wardrobe! 

Jeans I am wearing size 4, I may have been able to go one size down, but it's nice not having them super tight. I am 5'4 and they hit me just right where they are cropped. LOVE these jeans! And under $60! 

Shoes I am an 8 1/2 and these fit great! Love that they have slits in them, so your feet can still breath, making them the perfect transitional shoe! Love them with jeans and a sweater or cut offs and a tank top! So versatile! 

Look #2
Bralette This bralette is so seamless and COMFY! I am wearing it like a sports bra here but you can totally wear it under a cami and sweater and be totally cute! I am wearing size small and it fits impeccably!
Leggings These leggings are pure gold! They are high waisted, so super flattering and the pink color and pattern makes me so happy! I am wearing size small and they are under $40!!!
Kicks I always like to get a new pair of tennis shoes during the sale and I am SO glad I chose these! They are all white so that makes them very versatile, you can wear them over and over again without them getting old. They fit true to size and I love that they go up a little higher around the ankle! 

Softest cardigan ever! I am shocked this cardigan is still in stock in all sizes! I have a throw blanket made by the same company and it's my FAV!! It's a little longer and has a hood so you can just curl up with it on the couch and snuggle to your hearts content! Trust me, cause I'm a professional snuggler lol! I am wearing the size xs/small.
Pink jeans these pink jeans are the perfect faded pink. They look more grown up than your typical pink jean. they fit true to size. They are long enough to wear all the way down to my foot but to wear with these booties I rolled them up and I love the "cuffed" look.
Leopard booties These pointed toe leopard booties are totally chic! I got my usual 8 1/2 but I should have gotten a 9 so I think I'll exchange and get the bigger size. They are just a touch too tight. But overall these will be heavily on repeat for sure!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Anniversary sale guide and how to get early access!

Hello my sweet luvs! Are you as stinkin excited for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale as I am?!!! If you are unfamiliar with this sale let me fill you in! 

Why’s this sale so special?

This sale isn't like your typical sale and by that I mean this sale includes the NEW fall merchandise for 2018 NOT the old season merchandise. This is such a successful sale because of this reason! AND the discounts are significant! At the end of the sale, all of the of sale items return to full price. 

How do I get early access?

I have included a calendar with the significant dates of the sale. Those who have a Nordstrom Card, can have early access starting July 12, before is goes live to the public on the 20th. I know the dread of having another credit card but this one is truly worth it in my opinion. You get $40 to spend when you sign up, early access to the sale, and you earn points that give you more cash to spend. Grab your card here and happy shopping!

How do I know what to get?

I am planning on fully covering this sale so make sure you are following on my instagram for lots of posts and stories! I try and stock up on anything I might need for the season. Including boots, booties, sweaters, jackets, camis, jeans, makeup and skincare. I will be doing try ons on my stories and maybe even a youtube video with my favs!

In store or online? 

Personally what I like to do is order online and pick up in store. I do this to save time trying to fight the crowds, also shipping seems to take a while because of the sheer volume they ship during the sale. There are some items online that aren’t available in store so I have those shipped. 

Hesitate? NO!

If your debating whether or not to get something. GET IT! Why? because if you want something it can sell out crazy quick and you might miss out! Also shipping and returns are FREE! So you can just ship it back if you change your mind.