Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My new "blogger" space

As many of you know, we are currently living in my parents basement, while we are having our house built. The whole process seems so daunting and we don't even officially own the property till the end of July! So I was THRILLED my parents let me have a little "blogger" space in their exercise room upstairs to decorate. The light isn't the greatest in the basement and the exercise room has more natural light and the walls are WHITE which I love! 

This space is a peak into what our decor in the new house will look like so I hope you like!



Friday, June 15, 2018

Current beauty favs

Happy Friday luvs! Today I wanted to share my current beauty favs with you and believe me when I say EVERY single thing is AMAZING!


1. This Caviar Anti-Aging hairspray is sooo good! It holds your hair all day and is NOT "crunchy" at all!
2. The only blush pallete you will ever need! I have the older packaging, but it lasts FOREVER and the colors are so pigmented and pretty! The perfect shades, for every season of the year. 
3. Belif eye cream, I have been using this every night and my under eye area looks so good! I look a lot more rested and the skin is so smooth. The best part is, it is totally affordable, which is amazing because most eye creams are way over priced in my opinion. 
4. Dr Jart "Firm" rubber face mask, I am a face mask junkie and this one is amazing!
5. Dr Gross Ferulic Acid and Retinol Brightening Solution, this serum has improved the overall look of my skin! I feel like I am way more "glowy" since using it. 
6. Hydra gel eye patches, these I use twice a week and I will actually sleep in them. They are amazing for that extra beauty boost when I feel like I'm extra tired! These totally do the trick for making me "look" rested even if I'm not. lol!
7. Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in "dainty", a good lip gloss can do wonders in making your lips look more "plump" and this color is amazing for everyday!
8. IGK dry shampoo, this shampoo is a miracle worker! My hair is totally revived afterwards and it doesn't feel like I have extra product in it at all!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Holts first birthday

How in the world is my baby ONE already?!!! Cue the tears!

Since moving to the farm, we went with a cowboy themed party and it turned out so stinkin cute! I mean not everybody has mini ponies, donkeys, and goats at their disposal so why not live it up! And cmon baby + pony = cuteness on a whole other level. 

Richard made the pallet wall by attaching four wooden pallets together, wood pallets are so great for diy's because most businesses will just let you have them for free! The wall totally added to the rustic charm for our cowboy theme. I made the wagon wheels from hula hoops and masking tape and then spray painted them brown, and viola our table instantly looked like a wagon!



Holts Look:

Whenever we travel the kids love to get "shirley temples" so we thought this would be a perfect treat for the party, and ALL the kids enjoyed!

Isn't my family CAUUUUTEE?! I might just be a tad biased. lol! 

Despite his hesitation at first, Holt thoroughly enjoyed his first sweet treat!

 We went with a taco bar, and it was one of the easiest and yummiest party meals we have ever done! Everyone loved building their own tacos!

We also had a dessert table, complete with rice crispy "haystacks", brownie "mud pies", licorice "TNT" bundles, horse suckers, and cowboy cupcakes. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Stripes, Peonies and a straw Visor

Who else is just crazy for this time of year?!! This spring is especially fun living here on the farm, with all the baby animals, and planting a HUGE garden! We are definitely living it up and making the most of this warm weather!

With all the animals and working in the garden, and constant chores, it seems I have to make an extra effort to take the time to dress up and feel pretty!

I am just living for this easy look, these jeans are just the most comfortable thing, especially in warm weather cause they let the air flow, if ya know what I mean! Check out links below to my whole look!

Monday, May 28, 2018

A week's worth of looks

So I had this idea to do a weeks worth of looks just to give you guys some outfit inspiration! Cause Lord, I know how hard it is to figure out what to wear for the day! lol!
I really wanted to give a look for every occasion, whether that be packing up your entire house, going on a couples date night, or running errands and shuttling kids around town. Hope you enjoy all these looks and find some awesome outfit inspo! And as usual links are all included as well!