Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hawaii 2019

First of all I have to say HAPPY NEW YEAR babes!!! Am I a little late in saying this?! Yes! lol but I love you all so much and I just have to say how excited I am for this new year and all the possibilities it brings! 

So we are back and all settled in from our 2 week trip to Hawaii and I am finally getting a chance to sit down and get this post done! We had such an amazing trip that I did not want it to end, but now we are in full boar house mode and it is so fun seeing progress!

We go to the big island every 2 years with my whole extended family and it's always a blast! See the end of this post for my big island recs!

Romper  (sz S), Swimsuit top (sz US 2), Swimsuit bottom (sz US 4), Handbag    
Sports bra (sz S), Leggings (sz S), Necklace  
Swimsuit top (sz S size up if you have larger chest), Shoes (tts), Girls dresses  
Sports bra (sz S), Leggings (sz S), Shoes   
Cardigan (sz S), Shoes  

Sweatshirt (sz S), Hair scarfShoes (similar), Aloha towel 
Kimono (tts), Swim suit top (sz S), Swim suit bottom  (sz S)
Swimsuit top (sz S, size up if you have larger chest), Swimsuit bottom (sz S), Sarong (sz US 4), Sunglasses, Hat
Swimsuit cover (sz US 4), Swimsuit top (sz US 2), Swimsuit bottom (sz US 4), Sunglasses (gold/silver) 
Kimono,  Swimsuit (sz M, I sized up one) 
Top (sz US 4), Skirt (sz US 4, Handbag, Sandals  
Swimsuit (sz US 6, I sized up one), Hat, Bracelets  
Sweatshirt (sz S, oversized fit), Shoes, Shorts (sz US 6), Sunglasses (gold/silver), Holt's Jumpsuit, Holt's shoes   
Swimsuit top (sz S, size up if you have larger chest), Swimsuit bottom  (sz S), Girls swimsuits 

Where we stay- White sands village condos  I'll admit they aren't the fanciest but for being there for two weeks they are really affordable, we can cook our own meals, and it's right next to a gorgeous beach. 

Where we eat - Lava Java Amazing for breakfast, try the cinnamon roll, sooo yum! Basik Cafe  has the yummiest acai bowls! Da Poke Shack has award winning poke, but go early because they sell out! 

Favorite beaches - Beach at the King Kamehameha Hotel such a great cove for kids to swim, you can also rent paddle boards, it's a great place to learn because the water is calm.  Hapuna Beach this beach is HUGE and it's so fun to play in the waves! Beach at the Four Seasons resort, this is such a hidden gem that not everyone knows about! There is limited parking for the public so go early to get  a spot! Such a great calm place for kids especially. Magic Sands beach, this beach is right across from where we stay. It's called magic sands because sometimes the beach disappears because the ocean pulls all the sand out to sea. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

My favorite picks from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

So I was making a couple returns and exchanges to Nordstrom yesterday and I saw the HUGE "half yearly" sale signs and was completely overwhelmed by the amount of items and mostly the amount of people crowding around me. So I decided to comb through the site from the comfort of my own home and show you my favorite deals! In this first photo I am wearing these amazing shearling lace up boots that are $100 off!!!!! PS YES I am standing in front of our newly up house!!!! Can you believe it?!!! I am still in shock! They literally got it up within a couple weeks! CRAZY!!! Now from this point they are going to get the roof on, siding, windows, etc. I could really just pull up a lawn chair and watch all the time if the weather wasn't so cold and rainy lol!

Below I have linked all my favorite finds from the sale. All you have to do is click the photo for the direct link. Many of these items are at least 40% off! Happy shopping! 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Last chance for last minute gifts from Nordstrom!!!! For the whole Fam!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Our trip to Texas!

Hi babes! What a crazy month this is turning out to be! Our house is going up, we went to Texas, Christmas is in two weeks, and we leave for Hawaii on New Years! Sometimes I have to admit keeping up with everything seems VERY daunting at times. But I just have to tell myself "just do what you can and put it all in God's hands!"

Richard had a work conference in San Antonio and I really wanted to tag along to see what Texas was all about. We decided to take Stella as well, one last hoorah before she starts kindergarten next year. I hope she will always remember this trip and how special it was just the three of us! 
First thing I did when I heard we were going to San Antonio was google how far Waco Texas was. I thought "when am I ever going to get the chance to see Magnolia Market again?" I found out it was a three hour drive! Not bad at all! I also wanted to find out what the "must see" things were in San Antonio as well. So we decided on the San Antonio "Riverwalk" and the "Alamo" and both were AMAZING and so close together so we did it in a day. 

I have sooo many cute pics from our recent trip to, so I wanted to get them all up on here, instead of bombarding the gram lol! 

Stella bear was sooo excited to try her headphones on the plane that she got for her birthday back in September. She LOVED getting spoiled with attention and treats like lots of iPad time. lol! The smile says it all!
Richard had to work the whole time at the conference so Stella and I kept ourselves super busy with seeing the sights! The first day we rented a car and drove to Waco. We went to "Magnolia table" first which was darling, its just across the freeway from the silos so not far at all but you definitely need to drive, don't plan on walking if you go! There was a 45 min wait to get a table but they are so well organized that it didn't seem bad at all. They take your number and text you when your table is ready. They have an amazing waiting area where there is plenty of space for kids to play, and a little bistro where you can get a coffee and pastry while you wait.
When you walk up from the parking lot you see this side of the building first and it's my FAV. The trellis is stunning and I love the draped fabric that provides much needed shade for hot Texas days.  Of course it was very mild and even a touch cold when we went. lol. 

I love that Chip and Jo put there handprints on the sidewalk to the front door. Personal touches are everything. Especially since they're the reason for all of us wanting to go there in the first place! 

The inside is very much their style with lots of black and white with hints of warmth with the brown leather chairs. Lots of character and attention to detail everywhere you look. So fun getting ideas for the house. My favorite part was the ceiling. The beams are so cool and add so much interest.
We ordered the dipping donuts but I hate to admit I was not super impressed. They just reminded me of grocery store donut holes. A bit of a bummer for sure. 
I HAD to try the infamous avocado toast that chip made a fuss about on the show. And they were sooo yummy! I made the mistake of not ordering the eggs with it at first but I got one later and it was perfect. They give you lemon, salt and chili flakes to season and it was so yummy! 
Magnolia Market is absolutely adorable, so many photo ops and smiling faces. You can tell everyone is just so excited to be there! They have an amazing bakery, a decor shop, lots of food trucks, a garden and a big grassy area to relax in.

At the bakery we got cupcakes and the gingerbread whoopie pie cookie, which was our fav! The peppermint cupcake was our FAV cupcake! If you go during Christmas time you have to try those two! 
This shot we took in the bakery bathroom. Such a pretty room! 
The loot we somehow hauled home. lol! Can't wait to put these in our new house. 
They had the cutest little raised-bed garden! 
For day two of our trip we drove to the San Antonio Riverwalk. If you've never been you should totally go! I felt like I was in spain or Europe! It felt almost tropical. So many cute restaurants with cute little tour boats that go by in the river. We ate at "the iron cactus". It was absolutely delicious! I got the stuffed avocados and it was so yummy. Also I hear the Riverwalk is amazing at night for Christmas because it has the most incredible lights! We didn't stay till dark because I didn't want to drive in the dark, lol! 

 About a block or two away from the riverwalk is the Alamo! It was such an amazing thing to see in person. This part of the country has much older buildings with amazing history behind them. I loved looking at all the artifacts and buildings and learning so much about this important part of our countries history. 

We stayed at the JW Marriott Country Resort and Spa which was super nice! I enjoyed our huge patio with my silo cupcakes and pjs! 

When I saw this shirt on Amazon, I knew I needed it for our trip! God bless Texas!

Best trip ever! We seriously cannot wait to go back! 

OOOh I also wanted to mention if you go to the silos you should totally stop by this super cute decor shop "the findery" its really close and has very cool pieces! And if you go behind the silos there's an antique shop with sooo many treasures, it's hard to miss because it has huge painted flowers on the building! There's still a piece there that I wish I had figured a way to get home. LOL!